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May 2006 – The Spanish Supreme Court has announced a decision that revokes the instruction ordered by the Valencian ministry for Education in 1995, which established that validation of Catalan language qualifications issued by the Catalan and the Balearic governments no longer applied in the Valencian Country. The appeal against the instruction of the Valencian Ministry for Education was lodged by Acció Cultural del País Valencià (Valencian cultural association) and Sindicat de Treballadors i Treballadores de l'Ensenyament-Intersindical Valenciana (Valencian trade union).

The decision was based on the grounds that the terms Catalan and Valencian are different designations that one common language receives in different territories. The court took into account the fact that such idea is endorsed by dictionaries of prestigious institutions, as well as the fact that in official state regulations, studies in Catalan Philology cover a sole area of knowledge. It is also endorsed by the statutes of University of Valencia, University of Alacant and University Jaume I (Castelló) and in former case law in favour of the unity of Catalan language.

Eliseu Climent, general secretary of Acció Cultural del País Valencià –the main NGO promoting Catalan culture in Valencia– has said that “the decision recognising the unity of the language is a long-awaited victory expected for the last 11 years”. Sindicat de Treballadors i Treballadores de l'Ensenyament-Intersindical Valenciana stated that the court decision is a “very important step towards the unity of Catalan language”.

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